1. Why would the printer prints nothing on the paper?
Reply:If the laser door inside the printer does not open, the laser bean cannot reach the OPC then there will have no discharge on it thus no toner powder will be transferred. A broken OPC shutter door will stop image to be transferred from the OPC to the paper.

2.Why sometimes will get dark (grayish) horizontal lines on the page during printing?
Reply:The magnetic roller bushing which is responsible for the development gap may be damaged or out of round. When this occurs, more toner powder may be transferred to the OPC than is required by the latent image. The extra toner powder that was transferred may appear on the paper as a grayish horizontal line which may repeat in exact measurement or slightly vary from rotation to rotation
3. Why does the printer sometimes cannot detect a cartridge after installation but it works with another one?
Reply:Take the cartridge out from the printer and use a dry cloth or paper tissue to clean up the chip then install the cartridge back to the printer and check the right back corner, there should be at least one sensitivity tab in place otherwise the printer would not recognize the cartridge. You need to install one if there is none of it.
4. Why would the printer continues to print the black and muddy stuff on the papers?
Reply:Please check the PCR. If the PCR contact is damaged, the OPC would not receive a new charge thus toner powder will be leaded to the OPC.
5. Why would the printer prints pages with small black dots?
Reply:Small black dots on the pages may due to a nick on the OPC or PCR and external objects in the printer or paper dust can scratch the OPC. There is no solution for this issue as the OPC is already ruined so please change a new cartridge.
6. What is the best environment to keep and store up the cartridge?
Reply:Place the cartridge in a dry place with temperature below 35? and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. It is forbidden for the cartridge in an environment with large temperature and humidity variation as well as location closes to corrosive chemicals.
7. Why does the print page comes out with lines and dots by every few inches or so down the page?
Reply:The OPC may be damaged or exposed to the light source from outside of the printer for too long. Keep the cartridge inside the printer for a few hours then try and run several test prints to see whether the marks are still there. If the problem is happen again, that means the OPC has likely been damaged and the only way to do is a new cartridge to be replaced.
8. Why would the colours on the print page are not exactly the same as displayed on the computer screen?
Reply:Various monitor drivers will produce slightly different colour scheme therefore the colours displayed on the computer screen will always slightly differ to the print pages. You could try to make an alignment with them, but be aware of each program uses a slightly different driver so each color scheme would be in due cause.
9. Why would this happen for a warning prompt stating "Non-genuine cartridge is installed, continue?" when an aftermarket cartridge is installed by sometime?
Reply:Warning prompt is set by the printer manufacturer so just click YES to let the printer back to operation again. There is no impact to the printer and print quality.
10. What can I do if poor print quality is occurred from either the printer or cartridge?
Reply:You should firstly change another cartridge and try to print several pages. If the poor print quality is still there, it is most likely due to printer problem. If the problem goes away, in turn it is the cartridge problem.
11. Why do I have less print pages from aftermarket cartridges than OEM is claimed?
Reply:OEM cartridge is rated for a certain number of pages at 5% coverage in which would be comparable to brief memo, small body of text and closure. As most users print pages with more graphics, gray scales and large amounts of text, that results more toner powder (about 7% page coverage in average) will be used to print the images. Moreover, the actual page yields and rated yields are often varied from different operating environment. If typical users print 7% page coverage, which has already reduced the yield by about 40%. If OEM cartridge is rated for 10,000 pages, you will most likely get around 6,000 pages in average.

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